Living Off the Grid for a Month

I recently moved out to the country, and when I first moved into my home, we did not have any electricity set up yet.  Unfortunately, after speaking with the electric company, I learned that it was going to be a month before they were going to be able to get electricity to our new home.  I obviously did not want my family to have to go that long without electricity, and so I decided to look into purchasing some generators edgewater md.  I figured that it might be a little bit expensive to power the generators using gasoline for an entire month, but that was something that I decided that we needed to go ahead and do because it was far better than the alternative of going an entire month without electricity.

We had already moved into our new home prior to learning that the electricity would not be turned on for another month, and so we were really stuck without any very good alternative.  Thankfully, I was able to find a few generators in the Edgewater area for a very decent price, and that was able to keep us going for the month until the electric company got their act together and finally got us some power.  It was an expensive month with all of the gas that I had to buy, but it was definitely better than forcing my entire family to go without power.

Well, we got through the month, and thanks to the generators, we were able to get through it a whole lot easier than we would have otherwise.  It obviously was not the preferable way to live, but because we had those generators available to us, it made living off of the grid for a month a whole lot easier.