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How to Care for Patio Furniture

The addition of patio furniture to your outside area makes for a wonderful gathering place for special memories to be created.  You can find a wide variety of outdoor patio furniture to choose from, with styles to match just about any taste that you might have. While there are both cheap and expensive pieces of patio furniture, protecting your purchase is something that you always desire to do. There is a lot more work in caring for patio furniture than traditional furniture pieces, since it is outside and amidst the various weather elements that threaten to harm it. Don’t allow this to stop you from purchasing patio furniture, however, because caring for your pieces is probably much easier than you ever imagined.


Choose Rust-Resistant Pieces

Rust on metal frames is a common complaint of those with patio furniture. You can add an extra layer of protection to the furniture by purchasing pieces that are rest- resistant.

Protecting Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is sophisticated and stylish but as you can imagine, susceptible to the many weather elements.  Ensure that your wood furniture is sealed and keep it clean with a mild soap and water.

Wicker & Resin

If you can pick wicker or resin patio furniture, do so because both materials are the easiest to care for and will likely provide you with the best durability, longest use, and easiest care. For either material use mild soap and water for cleaning purposes.

Additional Patio Furniture Care Tips

  • Read the care instructions that accommodate your patio furniture
  • Pressure washing is used by many to care for furniture
  • Never use harsh treatments to clean your patio furniture! Always choose the mildest cleaner that is available to you
  • Cover furniture or properly store it during the winter and when it is not in use.